The Executive Board is at the head of the Munich School of Philosophy; it is primarily responsible for managing and developing the Munich School of Philosophy and runs the daily business. It is composed of the President, the Vice-President, the Dean of Studies and the Chancellor.


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President: Prof. Dr. Dr. Johannes Wallacher

The Munich School of Philosophy is represented externally by its President. He has the task of leading, promoting and coordinating all activities of the School. He conducts the ordinary affairs according to the guidelines of the senate, convenes the senate and leads its sessions. He is the supervisor and member of the teaching staff, as well as the office holder of the administration.

Vice-President: Prof. Dr. Godehard Brüntrup SJ

The Vice-President assists the president in performing his tasks.

Dean of Studies: Prof. Dr. Georg Sans SJ

The Dean of Studies coordinates the studies and the teaching at the Munich School of Philosophy.


Chancellor: Dr. Jens Pape

The Chancellor leads the administration and supports the President in conducting ordinary business, planning, negotiations and external contacts of the School.