Institute for Social and Development Studies

ZGF Zentrum für Globale Fragen (former: Institute for Social and Development Studies)

The Institute for Social and Development Studies is a facility of the Jesuit Society which has a “dedication to justice” as an integral component of the “service of faith”. It is an independent institute affiliated with the Munich School of Philosophy, Philosophical Faculty SJ in Munich. The aim of the institute is to contribute in an academic context to overcoming poverty and ensuring more justice in a globalized world – based on a Christian view of human beings and human rights.

To this end, the IGP conducts interdisciplinary research and teaching at the boundary of philosophy and social sciences. Particular importance is placed on issues with ethical and practical relevance.

Work focuses on three topic areas:

  • Political philosophy in a global context,
  • just global economy and sustainable use of resources, and religions and cultures.
  • Development policy and regional focuses on Africa and south-east Asia represent key interdisciplinary topics here.

Work is aimed at practice-oriented dialog with church, politics, industry and civil society, as well as conveying sound orientation knowledge.