Institute of Philosophy and Leadership

IPL Institut für Philosphie und Leadership (Institute of Philosophy and Leadership)

To be able to lead people in a responsible and future-oriented manner, a manager requires not only professional competence, but also a well-developed personality. Personality development always includes the willingness to deal with personal, existential and ethical questions. This is the only way to become an authentic leader.

In our research and teaching at the Institute of Philosophy and Leadership at the Munich School of Philosophy, we deal with issues of leadership and management ethics. We also provide intensive consultation, support and training for managers in leadership positions.

Our focus is always on personal, existential, structural and ethical aspects relating to the topic of “management”. In all our activities, we combine our philosophical and ethical competence with the experiences and proven leadership methods of the Jesuit Order, which has been advising people in leadership positions around the world for more than 450 years. In addition to presentations and workshops for companies, we offer spiritual exercises for managers and a retreat at the Schloss Elmau resort.