Institute of Scientific Boundary Issues

ING Institut für naturwissenschaftliche Grenzfragen (Institute of Scientific Boundary Issues)

Modern sciences as part of contemporary culture are radically changing our understanding of the world and the world itself. If humans felt called to protect creation in a static world, they have the role of “co-creator” in an evolutionary world.

Intellectual answers to an understanding of reality can contribute to counteracting the one-sidedness of a scientific worldview in addition to the irrationalism of an ecological, holistic romanticization of nature.

Accordingly, the Institute of Scientific Boundary Issues sets itself the target of contributing to reflection on biological and physical findings, questioning the philosophical implications of scientific thinking, and promoting cross-disciplinary thinking and dialog – including between the church and science.

The tasks of the institute members include:

  • Lectures at the Munich School of Philosophy
  • Foreign speaking engagements
  • Assistance at other universities
  • Publications
  • Cooperation with church, political and scientific institutions
  • Cooperation in the order’s internal scientific bodies