• 2019 „Stardust and Sould Bird“ 41HD (producer/director), animated feature film (watch on Amazon Prime DE)

  • 2019 „Valuable“ (Wert-voll) 22HD (producer/film director), theatre performance on the theme of integration and value

  • 2018 “Cautela! Prävention stärken – Heilung fördern” (Cautela! Strengthen prevention - promote healing). An audio-visual prevention program for teachers, pupils and parents. Workbook - 150 pages and three films 10'/8'/8' HD (producer/director)

  • 2017 Jesuit Worldwide Learning – With Education we Shall Prosper 12’ HD (Producer/Director/Camera), Imagefilm (watch on Amazon Prime DE, UK, US)

  • 2017 “Deacon – Bridgebuilder and Border Crosser” 27’ HD and three Portraits: “Deacon – not a Job but a Vocation” 11’/12’/14’ HD (Producer/Director/Writer/Camera). Documentary

  • 2017 “Das Erbe des heiligen Experimentes” (“The Legacy of the Sacred Experiment”, about the Jesuit Missions in Latin America) 37’ HD, (Producer/Director/Writer). Documentary (watch on Amazon Prime DE, UK, US)

  • 2017 “The Cross and More. An Introduction to the Christian Faith”. A 9-part series on DVD: Human Existence, Creation, Faith, Hope, Love, Reconciliation and Forgiveness, Freedom, Dying and Death, and Resurrection. Films (239’ HD) and Material. Editors: Johann Spermann SJ / Ulrike Gentner / Christof Wolf SJ, published by Katholisches Bibelwerk Stuttgart

  • 2016 “Hugo Makibi Enomiya-Lassalle. Bridge-builder between Zen and Christianity.” 110’ HD, Producer/Director/Writer (watch on Amazon Prime DE, UK, US) Documentary. Awards: Telly Award Winner in the categories: Documentary, History, Biography and Spirituality/Religion 2017

  • 2016 “The Angel of Dachau” 71’ (Producer/Director), Audiobook about Fr. Engelmar Unzeitig CMM published on September 24, 2016, at his day of beatification

  • 2014 We are looking for humans – real humans! Socrates and Diogenes in Munich” 5’ HD (Producer/Director). Animation

  • 2013 “No Beginning – No End.” 13’ 48’’ HD (Producer/Director). Experimental film about dreams and memories in the London Circle Line

  • 2012 “Horizon of Hope. Life in the Chinhoyi Diocese of Zimbabwe” 45’ HD, Producer/Director/Writer (watch on Amazon Prime DE, UK, US)

  • 2012 “The 11th Day. The Survivors of Munich 1972”. 52’ HD, (DP, Second Unit), Biography Channel.

  • 2011/2012 “On Foot to Jerusalem” 30'/45', SRF “Sternstunden”, Producer and Director (watch on Amazon Prime DE, UK, US)
    the documentary accompanies four pilgrims, who walk the old Crusader route from Switzerland to Jerusalem (4800 km in 206 days). Film Festival: “VIII. International Catholic Festival of Christian Documentary Films and TV Programs MAGNIFICAT 2012” (International Competition). Awards: Bronze Telly Award 2013 Category: Spirituality and Religion

  • 2011/2012 “Challenging Churchill” 90', ZDF/ARTE, Producer and Director for 25 minutes of Animatics, which deals with Churchill’s role in the fate of Poland during WW II.
  • 2010 "The Labyrinth" The Testimony of Marian Kolodziej. 37’02" HD Documentary, USA, Germany. Associate Producer, Camera Operator & Still Photographer. Film Festivals: Docuweeks (Los Angeles), Boston Film Festival, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Boulder  International Film Festival, Plus CamerImage (Poland), Redemptive Film Festival, John Paul II Film Festival (Miami) [HOMEPAGE]

  • 2010 "East of Berlin" 13' HD, Documentary, USA, Germany. Executive Producer. Film Festivals /Awards: 2011 Heartland Film Festival, 2012 BEA Festival of Media Arts (Best of Festival Award), 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, EuroAsia Shorts 2012.

  • 2009 "The Promise of Freedom: European Christians Facing the Challenges of a Post-Communist Era." 25’00" HD Documentary, Germany. Producer. Film Festival: XII. International Film Festival for Cinema and Religion (International Competition) [HOMEPAGE]

  • 2008 “In Spite of Darkness. A Spiritual Encounter with Auschwitz.” 74’ HD & 16mm Documentary, Germany. Producer & Director (watch on Amazon Prime DE, UK, US)

    Film Festivals / Awards:
    3 Silver Telly Awards: Music, Cinematography and the Category Spirituality and Religion 2008;
    “Redemptive Storyteller Award 2008“ (Virginia, USA);
    XI. International Film Festival for Cinema and Religion (International Competition and Category Inter-Religious Dialog);
    “Redemptive Film Festival 2008”, Virginia USA (Winner);
    Finalist at the “2nd European Spiritual Film Festival 2009” (Paris);
    Best Documentary at the “V. International Catholic Festival of Christian Documentary Films and TV Programs MAGNIFICAT 2009” (International Competition, Belarus);
    Film Festival “Truth Heals” 2010 (Berlin);
    Finalist at the CULTURE&CULTURES Intercultural Int. Film Festival Lempaut, France 2010;
    Finalist at SIGNIS –WACC, 17 European TV Festival of Religious Programs Berlin, Germany 2010;
    Finalist at Spirit Enlightened – Culture Unplugged 2010;
    German TV Premiere: Nov 1, 2011, BR-Alpha [HOMEPAGE] [TRAILER]

  • 2007 “Marian Kolodziej No. 432. Auschwitz Survivor”, 18’ HD Documentary, Germany. Producer & Director.

  • 2006  “Instructions to the Cook: A Zen Master's Lesson in Living a Life That Matters.” 43’40” HD Documentary about Bernie Glassman, USA. Producer & Director (watch on Amazon Prime DE, UK, US)

    Film Festivals / Awards:
    “Film Makers Choice Award: Best Art”, Culture Unplugged 2010;
    Finalist at “Conscious Lifeexpo Film Festival 2008” Los Angeles.[HOMEPAGE] [TRAILER]

  • 2006 “The Raven. The Philosophy of Composition” by Edgar Allan Poe. 15’08” HD Documentary, New York. DP, Producer & Director. [HOMEPAGE]

  • 2006 “Letter to Ann”. 6’16” 16mm Short Film. Producer & Director.

  • 2005  “Walking in My Shoes”. 3’45” 16mm Music Film. DP, Producer & Director.

  • 2004 “Mixer Tap”. 90” DVCam, Short Film. DP, Producer & Director.

  • 2003 “A Hunger Artist”. 17’36” DVCam Short Film about Performance Artist David Blaine. A LPI Production - London, Los Angeles. DP, Producer & Director. [HOMEPAGE]

  • 2002 “On Horseback Through the Desert - The Life of Father Eusebio Kino, S.J. - Scientist and Missionary”. 29’00" DVCam Documentary, California & Mexico. DP, Producer & Director (watch on Amazon Prime DE, UK, US)

  • 2000 “The Monster of the Sea”. 10’28” DVCam. Commissioned by the City of Markkleeberg (Germany) for Expo2000 (Director Friederike Köpf). A performance with video about brown coal/open-cast mining in what is now Lake Cospuden. DP, Producer & Director.

  • 1999 “International Actors Workshop”. 10’50” DVCam. Documentary about four actors from Germany, four from Chile and four from India debating the “Hamletmaschine” by Heiner Müller at the 8th Theater Festival in Meiningen (Director Alexander Stillmark). A video production of the Leipzig University of Music and Theater. 2nd Camera, Sound, Assistant Editor, Assistant Director.