Dr. Ludwig Jaskolla

Dozent für Philosophie des Geistes
Dr. Ludwig Jaskolla
Kaulbachstraße 31a
80539 München
Tel: +49 (0)89 2386 2341
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Research Focus


Area of Specialization

Research Projects

Philosophy of Mind

The Phenomenal Mind
Pan(proto)psychism and Panexperientialism
Mental Causation
Action Theory and Theory of Motivation

"Geiststaub" Project (Website)
"Humility" Project (Website)


Persistence and Personal Identity
Process Ontology


Philosophy of Technology

Implementation of Software-Based Ontologies
Foundations of Technology
Artificial Intelligence

"DomOnto" Project (Website)

Philosophy of Religion

Epistemology of Religious Belief
The Concept of God and Panentheism

"Theodicy Cluster" Project (Website)