"Trust in Science Communication" - Alexander Filipovic im Interview mit Elephant In The Lab

Begriffe wie "Fake News" und "Post-Factual Age" fordern auch die Wissenschaftskommunikation heraus. Alexander Filipovic hat im Interview mit dem Online-Magazin "Elephant In The Lab" über die größten Herausforderung von Wissenschaftskommunikation in der digitalen Gesellschaft gesprochen.

"What are from a media ethics perspective the biggest challenges for science in the digital age?

One of the biggest challenges in science communication is to create trust. In times, in which relations to truth have become uncertain (buzzwords being e.g. “fake news” or “post-factual age”) and the classical and large institutions of liberal democracy like politics and the media are increasingly less trusted, science has to take care that the same does not happen to it as well. One of the possibilities for science to develop or maintain trust is a good communication about what is being done, and how. Scientists still enjoy a high degree of trust with respect to the truthfulness of statements, but there are also tendencies towards the opposite. For each question there is a contradicting assessment, and for each study there is another study, which yields different results. The structures in which scientists work and arrive at their results are not known to everybody or indeed they are largely unknown. Thus, the maintenance of trust is one of the biggest challenges, and it is relevant from a media ethics point of view, as this is a question regarding the communication of science ethics."

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