The European failure on Lesvos

To the effects of externalization for the integration of refugees

Offenes Ende


The situation in the refugee camp Moria on the island of Lesvos in Greece serves as an appalling example for the externalizing politics of the European Union. It stands for its failure to find joint solutions to face what is said to be a “refugee crisis“. Living in the so called “hotspots“ is dangerous. Refugees are exposed to horrendous conditions that seriously undermine their physical and mental health. Moreover, research shows that these experiences lead to severe difficulties for the integration process in the host countries.

Nikolaos Xypolytas will present some of his findings in the Moria camp on the negative effects of the refugee crises as a preparation stage for future exclusion. Stephan Lessenich will comment on his presentation through the lens of his notion of “externalizing societies“. Ensuing we will discuss their insights with Dr. Abuamsha, Academic Director of Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) and refugee from Syria.

Prof. Nikolaos Xypolytas is Migration Sociologist at the Aegean University. Since a number of years, he has been researching and
teaching on the island of Lesvos. His findings and personal experiences in Moria camp will be the main focus of the evening.

Prof. Stephan Lessenich is Political Sociologist with a special emphasis on Social Inequality. He coined the term externalizing society („Externalisierungsgesellschaft“) and he researched its dehumanizing cost. He will enter into an insightful dialogue with our Greek guest.

The evening is organized by the Center for Social and Development Studies (HFPH).



Podium Discussion with Prof. Xypolytas, Prof. Lessenich and Dr. Oula Abu-Amsha (Jesuit Worldwide Learning)
Welcome (Prof. Dr. Barbara Schellhammer, HFPH)
Introduction: Impressions of Lesvos (Prof. Dr. Tanja Kleibl, FHWS)
Presentation “The refugee crisis as a preparation stage for future exclusion“ (Prof. Dr. Nikolaos Xypolytas, Lesvos)
Commentary (Prof. Dr. Stephan Lessenich, LMU)