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Indigegogy stands for „Indigenous Pedagogy”. Yet it is a placeholder signifying the importance of culturally sensitive concepts of teaching and learning. The term is coined by the Opaskwayak Cree Elder and retired Professor Stan Wilson. Having gone through a pedagogical system that strategically set out to kill the “Indian in the child”, he invited not only his co-author Barbara Schellhammer, but every reader of this book into a journey of relational learning. His personal life story combined with significant pedagogical insights is the starting point for a process of weaving two world-views together modeling how to be relational, how to live relationality. What Stan is showing his readers is crucial - not just for Canada with its colonial past, but also for countries like Germany which are challenged to offer educational programs for people with diverse cultural backgrounds. Indigegogy unfolds Indigenous concepts by practicing them - concepts that are important not just for educators.

Stan Wilson about Indigegogy (Youtube)
Stan Wilson about "Relational Way" (Youtube)

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